Kailash Kher loses his cool at Khelo India inauguration; lashes out at organisers [Videos Viral]

Kailash Kher loses his cool at Khelo India inauguration; lashes out at organisers [Videos Viral]
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May 2023

Kailash Kher is one of the most terrific live performers we have in India. He has performed at various events and festivals and enthralled everyone. Recently, at the Khelo India University Games 2023 inauguration, Kailash Kher lost his cool. He lashed out at the makers over the disorganisation of the event. As per media reports, he was made to wait for over an hour. Khelo India University Games were inaugurated by none other than honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the country but videos of Kailash venting out his anger have become the talk of the town.

Kailash Kher loses his cool at Khelo India University Games 2023 event opening

Kailash Kher was invited to the BBD University in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh to perform for the opening ceremony. Details of what led to Kailash losing his temper are not known, but several online entertainment portals report that he complained about being made to wait for over an hour. He also slammed the organisers for poor event management and bad behaviour. Kailash spoke in Hindi and asked them to learn some manners. The singer lashed at them for just being smart.

A report in Hindustan Times claims that he was asked to shorten his performance. The singer lashed out saying that if this is the way the event will be organised, the programme will be interrupted frequently. Kailash Kher said that he is panting and still he is singing and dancing so that everyone has a good time. He lashes at the organisers saying that if they are not happy while entertaining everyone, nobody would enjoy the performance. Kailash told the organisers that if he has been called to perform, the next one and a half hours should be his complete.

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Watch the videos of Kailash Kher losing his cool here:

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-- ?????? ?????? / Aditya Tiwari (@aditytiwarilive) May 25, 2023

Kailash eventually calmed down and gave a terrific performance, as per the online entertainment news portals. He performed on his hits Babm Babm Bam, Mangal Mangal and Gaura to name a few. After the performance, Kailash also tweeted out thanking the Prime Minister of India for organising the event. Check out his tweet here:

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-- Kailash Kher (@Kailashkher) May 25, 2023

The Khelo India University Games 2023 will continue till the 3rd of June. Over 400 athletes from 200 universities will participate in the sports festival.