Harry Styles Drinks Out Of A Shoe At Australia Concert: It’s A ‘Disgusting Tradition’

Harry Styles Drinks Out Of A Shoe At Australia Concert: It’s A ‘Disgusting Tradition’
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Feb 2023


Harry Styles is known for doing about anything for attention -- but the former One Direction star has decided at least one of them isn't worthwhile. Harry, 29, was seen onstage in Perth, Australia on Monday, February 20, guzzling an unknown alcoholic drink out of his own Adidas x Gucci sneaker. "This is one of the most disgusting traditions I've ever [heard of]," he said, per Page Six. As the crowd cheered, he expressed a range of emotions. "I feel like a different person," he added. "I feel ashamed of myself. It feels so personal. Such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people."

Harry Styles does Australian tradition Shoey, drinking out of his shoe at his concert in Perth. pic.twitter.com/zmtPh28ZQ3

-- Pop Base (@PopBase) February 20, 2023

Perhaps appropriately for his fashion ensemble, Harry was rocking a yellow t shirt with a rhinestone drink of some type and a straw emblazoned on the front. He clutched the microphone in his left hand, and for dramatic effect, let the alcohol dribble down into his mouth as he held the shoe with his right hand. He then shook the shoe to get the last drops out, but did appear at least a little grossed out as he put the shoe back down.

Harry, who broke up with actress and director <strong>Olivia Wilde, 38, in November of 2022 after two years of dating, also gave the crowd a hint at what he'd be doing after the show. "I'll be discussing this with my therapist at length," he quipped. "At length." His fans seemed to love every second of the stunt.

Clips shared via twitter also betrayed a range of reactions to Harry's "Shoey." "How many people want to be that shoe?" quipped a fan via PopBase's Twitter clip. "Me next but I want to drink out of Harry's shoe," wrote another. To those that were not impressed, other fans stepped in with thoughts. "Lemme remind you all that he won aoty [Album Of The Year] over Adele & Beyonce at the Grammys this year," remarked a follower.

Harry took home the coveted award on February 6 for Harry's House. "This doesn't happen to people like me very often," he said humbly as he accepted the trophy. "This is so so nice, thank you."

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