Flaunt Glowing Skin This Wedding Season With These Expert At- Home Tips

Flaunt Glowing Skin This Wedding Season With These Expert At- Home Tips
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Mar 2023

Wedding season is just around the corner and if you have one to attend anytime soon then you have landed on just the right page. Especially if you want a beautiful, natural glow but just don't know how. Well, for that flawless, refreshed look at your next wedding party, you need to prep well in advance.

There aren't really any miracles that work overnight. So, we spoke to Dr. Batul Patel --, leading celebrity dermatologist and founder & medical director of The Bombay Skin Clinic -- and asked her to share some easy skin care tips one can follow ahead of the wedding season.

Use An Exfoliating Face Wash

Flaunt Glowing Skin This Wedding Season With These Expert At- Home Tips

Our expert recommends using an exfoliating face wash a few days before the event. She shared that one must look for ingredients like glycolic acid and, mandelic acid, which help remove dead skin without leaving your skin dry. Look for a face wash which is soap-free and comes with small beads that gently scrub your skin.

Change Your Face Creams

Flaunt Glowing Skin This Wedding Season With These Expert At- Home Tips

For women suffering from breakouts, acne prone skin, Dr. Patel suggested switching to azelaic acid based creams or adapalene based creams. She shared that these creams should be used on the acne spots for two hours and then washed off. These help settle acne. This will come handy for those who wish to get rid of acne prone skin ahead of the wedding season.

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Use Cold Compresses Around The Eyes

A lot of us suffer from puffiness around the eyes. To get rid of puffy eyes and under eye bags, one can use a cold compress. For this, cold tea bags can be used to relieve the congestion around the eyes.

Pamper Your Lips

We often forget to take care of our lips and this can ruin our entire look. Start taking care of your lips way ahead of the wedding. Apply a lip balm everyday with SPF. This will prevent lip pigmentation. To make your lips look pink and hydrated, you can also go for hyaluronic acid injections. These injections make your lips look soft and pink. This should however be done ideally 15 days to one month before the day of the event.

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Avocado Hair Mask

Our expert shared that using a natural hair mask at home ahead of the wedding event helps moisturise your tresses and also gives it a beautiful shine. She shared that a natural mask prepared using avocado helps treat the dryness and gives beautiful looking hair.

Quick Tips

Our expert suggested that one should avoid drinking too much water after 8 pm and consuming salty food after 9 pm to keep the glow of your skin intact. Avoid going for a waxing session just before the event. A lot of times, waxing leads to breakouts and you don't want to ruin your wedding look, so plan it a week ahead.You can use hair mists on your hair on the day of the event to make your tresses smell great. However, make sure that the hair mist is alcohol free and hydrating.