CosyPajamas Quality

We are confident that our onesies quality is the best. You get what you see when order from The quality and design are 100% the same as advertised.

However, some other sites are using cosypajamas pictures but send customers horrible onesies. Be aware of sites selling very low priced onesie pajamas. 

Here are some examples of cosypajamas products and other funny looking pajamas.

spyro onesie differene

Our Sulley onesies are made of long fleece fabric. The eyes, nose and cheek are stuffed. It looks cute.
sulley onesie difference

Poor quality giraffe onesies look weird. Horns are different and the noses are not at the right place.
Giraffe onesie difference
We suggest you ask for pictures of the actual item before you order if you purchase from other places.