Cameron Diaz & Jamie Foxx Seen Filming In 1st Photos Following Rumors About Atmosphere On Movie Set

Cameron Diaz & Jamie Foxx Seen Filming In 1st Photos Following Rumors About Atmosphere On Movie Set
Celebrity News
Mar 2023

Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx seemingly put the recent rumors about production drama behind them. In photos published by Daily Mail, Jamie, 50, and Cameron, 50, were on the set of their film, Back In Action, shooting scenes in a snow-covered countryside in the UK. Jamie dressed in a dapper blue suit with a backpack slung over his shoulder. Cameron, sporting vivid red lipstick, dressed in an oversized brown sweater with a high collar, vinyl pants, and boots with chunky heels. The two seemed swept up in the scene, peering over a frozen rocky ridge surrounded by trees. However, other photos published by the site show Cameron playfully smiling while walking through the woods with her co-stars.

These photos come days after Daily Mail and The Sun published reports claiming the atmosphere on the set soured due to Foxx's behavior. The Sun claimed that Jamie was at the center of a scandal where a crew member allegedly "tried to get access to GBP33,000 ($35k US) in cash from Jamie Foxx." The Academy Award winner was reportedly in a foul mood after an investigation into the alleged scam, and the workplace drama supposedly had Cameron ready to retire once again. (HollywoodLife reached out to Jamie's reps for comment.)

However, Daily Mail claims that Cameron's desire to re-retire is independent of these alleged on-set issues. Back In Action marks Cameron's first film since 2014's Annie (which also featured Jamie Foxx). It seems that Cameron is not feeling the movie star life. "These back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her," claims DM's unnamed source, "and she hates being away from Raddix [Madden, her 3-year-old daughter with her husband, Benji Madden.]."

Cameron was first spotted filming scenes in December, six months after she announced her return to acting. Jamie shared a recording between him, Cameron, and Tom Brady on Jun. 29, with the NFL champion weighing in on Cameron's comeback. "I was talking to Jamie, and he said you needed a few tips on how to unretire," Tom said on the call. "And I am relatively successful at unretiring."

However, it seems that, like Tom, Cameron's unretirement might be short-lived. She spoke about why she walked away from acting in a 2021 conversation with Kevin Hart. "When you do something at a really high level for a long period of time, other parts of you that isn't that has to sort of be handed off to other people," she said.

"For my personal spiritual self, I was realizing it was that one part of me that functioned at a high level wasn't enough." Cameron did say she enjoyed acting -- "It's fun to do, I love it. I love acting. I could go forever. I literally feel like, sometimes, I have unlimited energy and inertia" - but she recognized that there were "so many parts of my life ... that I wasn't touching and that I wasn't managing. I couldn't really manage it because it was so big. It was so massive."

Cameron and Benji, 50, welcomed their daughter, Raddix, in 2019, five years after Cameron walked away following Annie.