Sizeless Denim Collections

Sene, "a brand that seeks to empower people of all shapes, colors, and sizes," is stepping up its inclusive clothing range with a new sizeless denim capsule. Launched in collaboration with actress, si...

May 2023

Opulent Outdoor Lamp Designs

Outdoor lighting solutions are usually characterized by their utilitarian form that prioritizes durability over style, but this isn't the case with the GUBI Seine portable lamp. Designed by Space Cope...

Apr 2023

Student-Minded Education Headsets

The Logitech Zone Learn headset has been launched as a peripheral for K-12 students to support child needs when it comes to educational experiences and more.
The headset is constructed with a sc...

Mar 2023

Ultra-Compact Bike Stands

The Atlangle Hangar Connect is a durably designed piece of equipment for cyclists to help them keep their ride secured and elevated in an impossibly compact way. The stand works by being attached onto...

Feb 2023

Common Problems that Affect the Ears

Most of us tend to ignore our ears, simply because we feel that they are nothing more than the devices with which we hear. However, consider one day, without the ability to hear and think how difficul...

May 2016

What is Sclerotherapy – 2

In the previous article, we looked at what spider veins are, what causes the condition and how the initial consultations would be like. In this concluding part of the article, we will look at ...

Apr 2016