Animal Onesies Costumes, Kigurumi Pajamas, Swimsuits & More

CosyPajamas is the world’s largest online retailer of animal-themed sleepwear and loungewear. Our collection is suitable for women and men, and includes designs, themes and print patterns from famous TV shows and movies like SpongeBob, Pokémon, Monsters Inc. and Totoro. We also have more traditional designs for those looking for something comfortable but stylish to wear while at home. Based in China and Japan, we ship our animal onesies to Australia, the US, the UK and Europe. If you are looking for a unique look for the bedroom, please browse the wide range of cute pyjamas found on our site.

In addition to these unique onesies, we also sell a variety of other garments including swimwear, cosplay costumes and animal hats. Have fun in your own particular way! Our extensive selection of clothing suits any occasion from curling up in bed to attending a fancy dress party. When ordering kigurumi pyjamas online, you can use PayPal and all major debit and credit cards. So come and buy some of our cute casual attire. Now that you have found where to getsome of the best pyjamas and onesies around, simply make an order and get ready for some stylish fun!